Cochrane Child Health Field

The Cochrane Child Health Field, whose tag line is “promoting best evidence in child health,” has announced that a trials register will shortly be available.

The register will be a searchable database of over 30,000 pediatric RCTs and CCTs published from 1948 onwards.

One valuable aspect of the register, says Denise Thomson, Cochrane Child Health Field Administrator, is that “it will facilitate study of the development of paediatric research over the past sixty-odd years.”

With this in mind, Denise has put out a call for nominations for “classic” RCTs in paediatrics.

The criteria for being a “classic,” she says, are innovation in design characteristics, the consequence of their results on medical practice, or the fact that, in their absence, patients would have been denied access to beneficial treatments or would have been exposed to deleterious or ineffective approaches to treatment.

If you’ve got ideas for a classic, send her your nominations by Friday, October 12 at

Meanwhile, if you are ready to report the results of a recently completed paediatric trial, please do submit the trial report to PLoS. Along with the report (which, if it is an RCT, should follow the CONSORT reporting guidelines), please also submit the original protocol. All of the PLoS journals support the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) statement on trial registration.

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