New articles in PLoS Computational Biology

New articles in PLoS Computational Biology

Published February 29, 2008

Comprehensive Analysis of Affymetrix Exon Arrays Using BioConductor
Michał J Okoniewski et al.

Computational Methods for Protein Identification from Mass Spectrometry Data
Leo McHugh et al.

Getting Started in Biological Pathway Construction and Analysis
Ganesh A Viswanathan et al.

Genome Landscapes and Bacteriophage Codon Usage
Julius B. Lucks et al.

How Protein Stability and New Functions Trade Off
Nobuhiko Tokuriki et al.

Systematic Analysis of Pleiotropy in C. elegans Early Embryogenesis
Lihua Zou et al.

Stochastic Differential Equation Model for Cerebellar Granule Cell Excitability
Antti Saarinen et al.

The Signaling Petri Net-Based Simulator: A Non-Parametric Strategy for Characterizing the Dynamics of Cell-Specific Signaling Networks
Derek Ruths et al.

Multi-Scale Simulations Provide Supporting Evidence for the Hypothesis of Intramolecular Protein Translocation in GroEL/GroES Complexes
Ivan Coluzza et al.

Diminished Self-Chaperoning Activity of the ΔF508 Mutant of CFTR Results in Protein Misfolding
Adrian W. R. Serohijos et al.

Computer-Based Screening of Functional Conformers of Proteins
Héctor Marlosti Montiel Molina et al.

A Novel Bayesian DNA Motif Comparison Method for Clustering and Retrieval
Naomi Habib et al.

Sensing and Integration of Erk and PI3K Signals by Myc
Tae Lee et al.

Mutations of Different Molecular Origins Exhibit Contrasting Patterns of Regional Substitution Rate Variation
Navin Elango et al.

Statistical Resolution of Ambiguous HLA Typing Data
Jennifer Listgarten et al.

Identification of Synaptic Targets of Drosophila Pumilio
Gengxin Chen et al.

Mouse Cognition-Related Behavior in the Open-Field: Emergence of Places of Attraction
Anna Dvorkin et al.

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