Data 4.0

TreeAge Pro 2008 Suite| 16MB

The Essential Tool for Today’s Decision Maker 

TreeAge Pro replaces our DATA software as the cornerstone of the TreeAge family of decision analysis products. If you’re already familiar with our DATA software, you’ll find TreeAge Pro even better!

TreeAge Pro empowers even casual users to build and analyze sophisticated analytical models in an accelerated timeframe. 


The TreeAge Pro Suite provides the most advanced and comprehensive set of decision analysis tools for the healthcare industry, including: 

>Decision trees and influence diagrams 
>Cost-effectiveness Markov modeling and analysis tools 
>A full array of Monte Carlo simulation features, including a flexible algorithm and sensitivity analysis capabilities 
>A multi-processor capability for handling complex models and long simulations 
>A direct link to Excel spreadsheets, allowing speedy changes from within either the TreeAge Pro Suite or your spreadsheet 
>A full complement of tools for outcomes research and pharmacoeconomic modeling 


Download: (Size: 16MB)


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