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This  is the today’s  editorial of  BMJ, one of  the most  reliable medical  journal  all over the world. The title deals about …..”provision of health information for all”……….but I can’t explain it because I can not read it, because at the end of this abstract says “Full Text of this Article”……..of course, to read the full article I need to pay first. So it doesn’t matter what the editorial says, if you want information, in the information age……….you have to pay….at least for the famous British Medical Journal. Anyway, I think you can read more about this in another blog’s o newspaper like “guardian”, in   related articles.
BMJ 2011; 342:d4151 doi: 10.1136/bmj.d4151 (Published 30 June 2011)

Cite this as: BMJ 2011; 342:d4151

  • Editorial

Provision of health information for all

  1. Richard Smith, director1
  2. Tracey Pérez Koehlmoos, programme head2
+Author Affiliations
  1. 1UnitedHealth Chronic Disease Initiative, London SW4 0LD, UK
  2. 2Health and Family Planning Systems Programme, ICDDR,B, Dhaka, Bangladesh
A major organisation should support global efforts
High quality information is essential for good health, yet many individuals, practitioners, and health organisations—particularly in low and middle income countries—lack access to information. This problem has been highlighted many times, 1 2 3 4 and Health Information for All 2015 (HIFA2015) was founded in 2006 with the aim that “by 2015 every person worldwide will have access to an informed healthcare provider—lack of relevant, reliable healthcare information will no longer be a major contributor to avoidable death and suffering” ( ). It is unlikely that this ambitious goal will be achieved.
In HIFA2015’s definition, the term “healthcare providers” includes mothers and family caregivers, in recognition that their basic knowledge and decisions are crucial to survival. In many countries in Africa more than 80% of children die before they even reach a health facility. The term “healthcare information” refers to health knowledge for prevention and treatment of disease rather than routine statistical data.
HIFA2015 now has 5000 members from 2000 organisations in 158 countries, and it has four global forums—HIFA2015, CHILD2015, HIFA-Portuguese, and HIFA-EVIPNet. Most of those who contribute to the forums come from low and middle income countries. The organisation has a three pronged strategy of communication (bringing together a critical …


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