Managing Drug Supply: Digital Edition

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Part I  Policy and Economic Issues

Policy and Legal Framework
  1. Toward Sustainable Access to Medicines
  2. Historical and Institutional Perspectives
  3. Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines
  4. National Medicine Policy
  5. Traditional and Complementary Medicine Policy
  6. Pharmaceutical Legislation and Regulation
  7. Pharmaceutical Production Policy 
  8. Pharmaceutical Supply Strategies
Financing and Sustainability
  1. Pharmaceutical Pricing Policy
  2. Economics for Pharmaceutical Management
  3. Pharmaceutical Financing Strategies
  4. Pharmaceutical Benefits in Insurance Programs
  5. Revolving Drug Funds and User Fees
  6. Global and Donor Financing
  7. Pharmaceutical Donations

Part II  Pharmaceutical Management

  1. Managing Medicine Selection
  2. Treatment Guidelines and Formulary Manuals
  1. Managing Procurement
  2. Quality Assurance for Pharmaceuticals
  3. Quantifying Pharmaceutical Requirements
  4. Managing the Tender Process
  1. Managing Distribution
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Importation and Port Clearing
  4. Transport Management
  5. Kit System Management
  1. Managing for Rational Medicine Use
  2. Investigating Medicine Use
  3. Promoting Rational Prescribing
  4. Ensuring Good Dispensing Practices
  5. Community-Based Participation and Initiatives
  6. Drug Seller Initiatives
  7. Encouraging Appropriate Medicine Use by Consumers
  8. Medicine and Therapeutics Information
  9. Pharmacovigilance

Part III Management Support Systems

Planning and Administration
  1. Pharmaceutical Supply Systems Assessment
  2. Managing Pharmaceutical Programs
  3. Planning for Pharmaceutical Management
  4. Contracting for Pharmaceuticals and Services
  5. Analyzing and Controlling Pharmaceutical Expenditures
  6. Financial Planning and Management  
  7. Planning and Building Storage Facilities
Organization and Management
  1. Security Management
  2. Medical Stores Management
  3. Hospital Pharmacy Management
  4. Pharmaceutical Management for Health Facilities
  5. Laboratory Services and Medical Supplies
Information Management
  1. Monitoring and Evaluation
  2. Pharmaceutical Management Information Systems
  3. Computers in Pharmaceutical Management  
Human Resources Management
  1. Human Resources Management and Capacity Development
  2. Designing and Implementing Training Programs

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