Death to Elsevier! : Pharyngula

Death to Elsevier! : Pharyngula:

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From deals with the boicot to Elsevier as well. I wonder who is behind Elsevier, few years ago, Rafael Bravo, a relevant family doctor from Spain, wrote in an spanish forum about Elsevier was selling its bonus which was in the military industry. Elsevier has the control of the major primary care journals in spanish, like The Lancet issue in Spanish, and other well recognized journals like Atencion Primaria, one of the few journals write in spanish and you can find in Medline.
Who are behind this Journals ? But is not only an Elselvier issue, the question is who is behind each publication we read. We now about the publication`bias, but what about the authors, or even the Universities where more recognized researches are writing. Everybody knows that “public or perish” is a dogma in USA, but can you research and publish whatever ? Of course not, Universities have “sponsors” as well (Rockeffeller Foundation, Kellogs Foundation, and so on…). Do you think this people is free to publish everything they know ?  I don`t think so. But the same people which invest in Wall Street, do the same in weapons, publishing editorials, big pharma, and so on… you can imagine a free science ? Hard to believe, we are eating only the information they fed us, and mass media share this to regular people all over the world.
Something is bad, and governments have to regulate this, but what kind of regulation you could expect from Obama Administration wich government is deeping the George Bush legacy ? The war in Irak has finished, but they were more rude with Wikileaks or Megaupload, talking about terrorism just for a bussiness where people just put their files as a back up (it was my case), and now the government try to destroy all this information ?
To destroy files is not like destroy books in the Nazi`s Germany ? I think so. But I`m sorry the topic was about Elsevier. 

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