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Transmissible H5N1 – If they publish, wil we perish ?

BioMed Central Blog  TUESDAY FEB 21, 2012 Transmissible H5N1 – if they publish, will we perish? http://api.tweetmeme.com/button.js?url=http%3A//blogs.openaccesscentral.com/blogs/bmcblog/entry/transmissible_h5n1_if_they_publish&style=normal&o=http%3A//www.facebook.com/l.php%3Fu%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fbit.ly%252Fyglezq%26h%3D4AQHuJsHXAQGl-kBtSSxQUVXHV49wea-x2yXnngoRFa5F7g%26enc%3DAZPvPbATQARSFglOgQ6kL3T_MWHq_WlBd9QTlXM8VbBMD47JTuGuaA7370IdZ-blogUI4p3wX7XK7GIZ9KjYKD3m&b=1 Two influenza research papers remain suspended in press since the US government’s request for their redaction, made on the recommendation of the National … Continue reading

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WONCA: Journals Alerts

Journal Watch Tobacco tax increase can increase short-term smoking cessation Hyperemesis gravidarum increases risk of spontaneous preterm birth Association of pharyngitis with oral antibiotic use in acne Regular or increased water intake can improve recurrent headaches Systematic review of intensive … Continue reading

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