Top ten medical blogs

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Source: Medical Island
Of course, the post deals only with english written blogs.  
Blogging has of late become a regular past-time among various professionals and the medical profession is no exception. Medical Blogging requires serious consideration of the audience and the topics to be covered. Medical Professionals across the globe keep themselves updated through various electronic media and the internet has become the ultimate source of medical information for most of them.
Medical blogs make up a major chunk of the information available on the internet. They cover a range of topics from providing regular medical updates to the peculiar blog that talks about mundane medical terms and nuances. Medical Blogs are either started by individuals, run by some companies and organisations or an amalgamation of both. The vast number of medical blogs made the task of finding the “BEST” a serious business.
It is only true that no single blog could be the same for the entire audience, hence the ranking provided here is arbitrary based on my personal preferences. Without much ado, here is my list of the “TOP 10 MEDICAL BLOGS
I enjoyed reading many other medical blogs, but the ones mentioned here really caught my attention. I hope you too enjoy reading and following these blogs.
You will have suggestions to make about the selection or your own collection of favourite medical blogs. If so, post them in the comments section so that I can create another list of “The Best 100 Medical Blogs”.