This is the sigma stat 3.5 very god statistica program

This is the sigma stat 3.5 very god statistica program

SigmaStat offers a full range of the statistical procedures used most often by scientists, including t-tests, analysis of variance, nonparametric statistics, correlation, linear and nonlinear regression, rates and proportions, normality and equalvariance testing.

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Von Peter Buchal, Krankenhauspharmazi e 2004;25:211- 6.
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(Zusatzprogramme zur Übertragung von Excel-Tabellen auf den Palm)
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Software: metanalisis



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Meta-DiSc is freeware software to perform Meta-analysis of studies of evaluations of Diagnostic and Screening tests. Click here to download a document (PDF) with a description of Statistical Methods implemented.

Meta-DiSc is licenced as freeware and is offered as is. Authors accept no responsibility for any failures that it could occur in the computers where it is installed.

Please refer this software as:
Zamora J, Abraira V, Muriel A, Khan KS, Coomarasamy A. Meta-DiSc: a software for meta-analysis of test accuracy data. BMC Medical Research Methodology 2006, 6:31.

The program has been developed by the Unit of Clinical Biostatistics team of the Ramón y Cajal Hospital in Madrid (Spain). This project has been partially supported by grants FIS PI02/0954, PI04/1055 and FIS G03/090.

Be aware about software updates looking at version number.

The program works in Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000 and XP. To install, click here to download, save it on your disk and run it. The only user installation option is the program folder. The default folder is C:/Program Files/Meta-DiSc.

To uninstall, open the Control Panel and select Add/Remove Programs.

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La medicina escasa, la más insuficiente / es la de remediar la mente”…” Silvio Rodriguez –  ”Hombre” – 1992.