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Anti-platelet drug useful

Patients with coronary stents require medication that inhibits platelet activity and prevents clotting. However, if patients need additional surgery that medication must be stopped several days in advance because it increases the risk of major bleeding during the operation. A … Continue reading

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Medical Device Innovation — Is “Better” Good Enough?

Image via Wikipedia Source: NEJMLast year, the United States spent $95 billion on medical devices, nearly half of the $200 billion spent on devices worldwide.1 Our investment in devices has yielded impressive gains in length and quality of life from … Continue reading

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Os efeitos da radiação diagnóstica

CARUNCHO, M.. Os efeitos da radiação diagnóstica. Revista Brasileira de Medicina de Família e Comunidade, Local de publicação (editar no plugin de tradução o arquivo da citação ABNT), 6, jul. 2011. Disponível em: <;. Acesso em: 23 Set. 2011.. Os efeitos … Continue reading

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Knee examination Examination por rubenroa Related articles Why do my knees sound crunchy when I walk up or down stairs? ( My knee hyperflexed the other day, now ts tight, sore and makes a clcking sound what could be wrong? ( … Continue reading

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