Dictionary for Clinical Trials

Book Description:

As a result of the expansion in the area of pharmaceutical medicine there is an ever-increasing need for educational resources. The Dictionary of Clinical Trials, Second Edition comprehensively explains the 3000 words and short phrases commonly used when designing, running, analysing and reporting clinical trials.
This book is a quick, pocket reference tool to understand the common and less well-used terms within the discipline of clinical trials, and provides an alternative to the textbooks available. Terms are heavily cross-referenced, which helps the reader to understand how terms fit into the broad picture of clinical trials.
Wide ranging, brief, pragmatic explanations of clinical trial terminology Scope includes medical, statistical, epidemiological, ethical, regulatory and data management terminology Thoroughly revised and expanded – increase of 280 terms from First Edition, reference to Cochrane included

# Publisher: Wiley
# Number Of Pages: 262
# Publication Date: 2007-06-11
# ISBN / ASIN: 0470058161
# EAN: 9780470058169

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