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Safety of drug-eluting stents: demystifying network meta-analysis

Given concerns about the safety of drug-eluting stents, Christoph Stettler and colleagues (Sept 15, p 937) provide the most extensive meta-analysis to date comparing sirolimus-eluting stents, paclitaxel-eluting stents, and bare-metal stents: 38 trials in 18 023 patients.

Asthma guidelines on house dust mites are not evidence-basedIn your Sept 8 Editorial (p 802), you describe the new US guidelines for asthma control as being rigorous and evidence-based. This is not correct for the recommendations on house dust mites.

Lamotrigine and the risk of fulminant hepatic failureI refer to a letter by Debbie Shawcross and colleagues (July 28, p 314), written in response to the SANAD study, in which a case of fatal hepatic failure is attributed to lamotrigine. As the consultant neurologist involved in the care of this patient, I would like to add some relevant information that seems to have been either omitted or neglected: continuous exposure to valproate before the liver failed, and a concomitant acute cytomegalovirus infection.