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Performance of the QRISK cardiovascular risk prediction algorithm in an independent UK sample of patients from general practice: a validation study.

Heart.  2008; 94(1):34-9 (ISSN: 1468-201X) Hippisley-Cox J; Coupland C; Vinogradova Y; Robson J; Brindle P Division of Primary Care, 13th Floor, Tower Building, University Park, Nottingham NG2 7RD, UK. Julia.hippisley-cox@nottingham.ac.uk AIM: To assess the performance of the QRISK score for predicting cardiovascular disease (CVD) in an … Continue reading

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Top Herbal Products: Efficacy and Safety Concerns

Fuente: Medscape Next Page »   Introduction A recent survey estimated that more than 38 million adults in the United States used herbal products  and dietary supplements in 2002.[1] More than half of those users said that these products were … Continue reading

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Hodges MG, Keane-Myers AM. Classification of Ocular Allergy.Richter JE. How to Manage Refractory Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. Chen PH, Rovi S, Washington J, Jacobs A, Vega M, Pan KY, Johnson MS. Randomized Comparison of 3 Methods to Screen for Domestic Violence in Family Practice. … Continue reading

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Miller JL, Silverstein JH. Management Approaches for Pediatric Obesity.Jeffery DR. Managing Multiple Sclerosis at an Early Stage. Aguilar EJ, Siris SG. Do Antipsychotic Drugs Influence Suicidal Behavior in Schizophrenia?. Kavanaugh A. Reducing Progression of Rheumatoid Arthritis: New Biologic Therapies — … Continue reading

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