Documento: Health for All Now, Revive Alma Ata

Estimados colegas,

Estamos divulgando el documentoHealth for All Now, Revive Alma Ata producido por el People’s Health Movement.

“This collection of statements, reflections and papers is released for use by People’s Health Movement members, friends and enthusiasts all over the World to initiate a celebration for the Alma Ata Declaration anniversary particularly around 6-12th September 2003. The Declaration is particularly significant to the People’s Health Movement because the People’s Health Assembly at Gonoshasthya Kendra – Savar in Bangladesh on 8th December 2000, endorsed the principles and practice of universal, comprehensive Primary Health Care as outline in the Alma Ata Declaration. Celebrating the Alma Ata Anniversary is therefore symbolic endorsement of both these consensus documents and an opportunity to express solidarity with the Health for All Now campaign of the Global People’s Health Movement”.

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