Videos of Physical Examination

Chest Examination

Assessment of the Chest, Respirations, and the Posterior Thorax

Assessment of the Posterior Thorax (continued)

Percussion of the Posterior Thorax

Review of Breath Sounds

Adventitious Breath Sounds

Auscultation of the Posterior Thorax

Assessment of the Anterior Thorax

Percussion of the Anterior Thorax

Auscultation of the Anterior Thorax


Pertussis in a neonate

Cheyne stoke Respiration…src/


Cardiovascular: Neck Vessels and Heart:


Examination of the Neck Vessels

Examination of the Heart

Review of Heart Sounds

Auscultation of the Heart

Heart Sounds: S1, S2

Heart Sounds: S3, S4, murmurs



Cardiovascular: Peripheral Vascular System:


Examination of the Arms

Examination of the Legs

Examination of the Legs (continued)



Neurological: Cranial Nerves and Sensory System:


General Observation of Neurological Status

Cranial Nerves I and II

Cranial Nerves III, IV, and VI

Cranial Nerves V and VII

Cranial Nerve VII

Cranial Nerves IX, X, XI, and XII

Sensory Assessment: Pain, Temperature, and Light Touch Sensations

Sensory Assessment: Vibration Sensation and Position Sense

Sensory Assessment: Discriminatory Sensations



Neurologic: Motor System and Reflexes:


Assessment of the Motor System: Upper Extremities

Assessment of the Motor System: Lower Extremities

Assessment of Coordination

Romberg Test; Testing for Pronator Drift

Assessment of Reflexes

Supine Assessment of Reflexes

Further Testing of Reflexes



Muscoskeletal System:


Assessment of the Head and Neck

Assessment of the Hands and Wrists

Assessment of the Elbows

Assessment of the Shoulders and Related Structures

Assessment of the Feet and Ankles

Assessment of the Legs

Assessment of the Hips

Assessment of the Spine



Head, Eyes and Ears:


Inspection of the Head

Examination of the Eyes: Visual Acuity and Visual Fields

Inspection of the Eyes

Assessment of the Extraocular Muscles

Ophthalmoscopic Examination

Examination of the Ears

Assessment of Hearing



Nose, Mouth and Neck:


Inspection of the Nose

Inspection of the Mouth

Inspection of the Neck


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Clinical diagnosis of an anterior cruciate ligament rupture: a meta-analysis

Clinical diagnosis of an anterior cruciate ligament rupture: a meta-analysis
Benjaminse A, Gokeler A, van der Schans C P

Source Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy
Year published 2006
Volume 36(5)
Pages 267-288
CRD summary This review assessed the diagnostic performance of physical tests for anterior cruciate ligament rupture. The lack of details of the included studies and the variation between them mean that the results should be treated with caution. The authors’ recommendation of the Lachman test appears reasonable, but no data were presented to support its use in combination with the pivot test.