Industria Farmaceutica en Finlandia

Pharmaceutical policies in Finland – Challenges and opportunities

Elias Mossialos and Divya Srivastava

Prepared at the request of the Health Department, Ministry of Social
Affairs and Health, Finland

World Health Organization 2008, on behalf of the European Observatory on
Health Systems and Policies

Available online as PDF file at:

“….Finland, like many other countries with well-developed health systems,
has struggled with its pharmaceutical policy on issues such as needs-based
universal access, cost–effectiveness (CE) and affordability of its growing
drug budget. Incremental policy changes have been followed by some fairly
drastic measures to control growth in pharmaceutical expenditure. There
has been considerable public debate on pharmaceutical issues and the need
for a more predictable overall strategy in this policy field…..”


Executive summary

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Overview of the pharmaceutical system in Finland

Chapter 3: Trends in pharmaceutical expenditure and consumption

Chapter 4: Supply-side policies concerning pharmaceuticals

Chapter 5: How to influence providers

Chapter 6: Evaluation of options and recommendations

Annex 1: Background information on the review of pharmaceutical policy
prepared by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Annex 2: Stakeholders consulted


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